September 2007

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iMac 2007

I have to say that the new iMac is stunning. I had been waiting to purchase one because there were some features of the old iMac that I did not like, mostly the 3GB memory limit. So when the new iMac idea started buzzing around I figured this would be the time to get one. I did not like the glossy screen at first when I saw it online. I have to say though that I do love it. The glossy screen does not bother me. I do not notice the glare on the screen as much as everyone talks about. I wonder how long before the 24″ display will seem small to me, much like my 19″ CRT seems small next to the iMac. I’ve heard people talking about not putting the new iMac next to a window but I am not having any trouble and it has been between 90 to 100 degrees with 90% humidity here sincei I got it and it is installed next to a window.

The iMac was purchased with 1GB of RAM installed but 4GB has since been put in replacing the 1GB factory SO-DIMM. Installing the new memory was a little tricker than I would have thought especially for an iMac. I have had PowerMacs previously and a memory install is no trouble in those but pulling the little plastic tab to remove the old memory had me for a second. I wasn’t sure if the tab would pull out or if it just was lifting the memory out of the locking tabs.

Georgia had it coming

The Gamecocks played a hell of a game against the Georgia Bulldogs last Saturday. We pulled off the win holding them 16 to 12. It could have gone either way at the end and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

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