Maybe I’m an Idiot

Google is too smart for itself, or at least too smart for me. When I travel abroad Google likes to automatically redirect me to the Google it thinks I really wanted. This means turns into Google in the language of the host country I am in, such as now it automatically redirects to I am sure they thought this was a nice feature for people who are not in the US to be directed to the Google they can more eaily interect with but for me it is really difficult. Luckily there is usually a link on the bottom the says “ in English” which puts me back to in English where I wanted to go originally anyway. It seems that Blogger which is now a part of Google does not do this, or I cannot find the link, and it should be obvious when most of the page I am writing this in has strings like, “によって下書きが自動的に保存されました”. So it should stick out. It does point to’s good clean design that I can still use this page even though I can read nothing on it except my login name and the title of the page at the top.