CoCo’s Curry House in Hawai’i

Updated: 27 June 2008 Added some new links and menu ideas.

I am back in Hawai’i for two and a half weeks, I know it is so hard to be me. Honestly the weather has been rather dreadful. Last week it rained every day with a Typhoon-like storm on Wednesday taking down trees and powerlines, flooding, it was a mess. Driving from Waikiki beach in Honolulu to Wahiawa is not terribly easy with no working traffic lights. During the height of the storm on Wednesday morning at 2am HST, I was woken by the furniture blowing over on the lanai, the hotel swaying back and forth, the wind was tearing through my room, curtains flapping out my open lanai door. If I wanted a hurricane I would just hang out at home in SC. Anyway, we survived.
What this is really about is that I found a CoCo’s Curry House in the Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu. I have had CoCo’s numerous times in Okinawa, Japan and was delighted to find one here in Hawai’i. I only wish now they would make their way to the mainland, though making it to the east coast and SC would probably just not happen. CoCo’s is differnent from what you may think of as curry from an Indian curry standpoint. One is not better than the other, they are just different. CoCo’s is basically some form of fried meat cutlet, white rice, delicious curry souce, and a spiced radish eggplant on the side. Make sure you order yours with cheese and spinach, it is awesome. They have some non-fried dishes, but the preponderence of them are cooked so.
Thank goodness for the high population of Japanese and Japanese tourists in Hawai’i to make CoCo’s available here. That is one of the beutiful things about Hawai’i is the heavy influence of not just Hawai’ian culture on the local food, but the asian, pacific islander culture as a whole. Here you can have Thai, Japanese, Hawai’ian, Vietnamese… I know these restaurants exist all over the mainland but here they seem more authentic. Maybe because English is the second language at most of these restaurants. The only thing missing at CoCo’s here in Honolulu is that they do not have mango lassis. I love a good mango lassi.
Also I would like to mention that the food court in the International Market is back open again. When I was on O’ahu in February 2007 it was closed, I believe for some kind of renovation. I do not see any renovation having taken place, though a few places are boarded up, most are open. My favorite is a Korean barbeque place that is there. It is not the Yummy BBQ, which is not even comparable to this place. It is awesome. Definately worth trying, and wash it all down with a Kona Brewing Company beer. In season right now is the Kona Coffee Stout and the Oceanic Organic. One is a 100% Kona Coffee brewed deep rich Stout the other is a Belgian style wheat that is very close to what you would get in Germany. So if you are on O’ahu, be sure to check these places out.