June 2008

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I prefer Palmetto Day but I suppose the new (since 1875) term is Carolina Day. I didn’t have a single person greet me with a big “Happy Carolina Day” all day and I got a lot of strange looks for doing just that. Well if you didn’t know Carolina Day commemorates the Battle of Sullivan’s Island and the victory at Fort Sullivan(now Fort Moultrie) on June 28, 1776 against the British. The meager 20 cannons installed at the palmetto made fort were able to defeat the 270 some guns aboard the 20 boat British fleet sitting in Charleston Harbor. I will not recap entirely what has already been written. Great stuff. So if you forgot this year make sure you add it to your calendar for next year and yell out “Happy Carolina Day” and give a real big goofy hand way up in the air wave.

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First I have never been a big fan of Bill Gates, he has always been on the other team. So I should be glad that he is retiring and moving on but somehow I just don’t feel it. I have had heated shouting battles about this man who I have never met. Yet now there is this empty feeling. I will not say that Mr. Gates is not or was not a great programmer, for what he programmed. I think that getting BASIC up and running on the Altair was a great idea and kudos to him for doing it, it can be credited that this is what really got him going and the help from Paul Allen. Later being a little snot for claiming everyone was stealing his BASIC is why he is the man we love to hate. He is/was a worthy adversary. He even seems to have made working at Microsoft fairly interesting. I trust Joel Spolsky’s opinion on this.I feel like I wish I had more time to compete I haven’t gotten fully entrenched, I needed more time, he is just leaving the game. So while I don’t care for his companies products or business practices, I will miss him being in the industry. There would be many a blank page in the computer history books and the Pirates of Silicon Valley not be as great. (Note to self go watch that again for the nth time.) The way I am talking you’d think the man was dead. Now this is sounding all mushy so I will stop. I wish him the best in his new full-time philanthropy.

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Ok, stop laughing. Now. I know that your first question was “Why would anyone own one Dell Latitude D630?” I suck. That is all I can come up with for an answer. The whole truth is that I work for a far from competent organization. First mistake was that a co-worker bought the first D630 when he bought himself one to replace our old D600s. Now to his credit I did need a laptop that would run Microsoft Windows XP and had a PC Card slot. This laptop is mostly for me to use for testing a communications suite that requires such things. For my everyday actual use laptop I use a super sweet Apple MacBook Pro. Anyway in a strange twist of fate I have gone from having nothing when I first started a few years ago to an over abundance. My first D600 was actually out of the trash at work. So now I have this new D630, exactly the same as the other, because it was my time to get a new laptop that comes with our computer services contract which I only utilize for email service and a network connection at the cost of something like $400 a month. I could not be in business for myself with decision makers like these working with me. So what to do with this new laptop. It turns out you really can only have so many computers before they just start to bury you. The patching alone could eat up most of your time.

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Ready for iPhone

Being $ conscious I decided when the first iPhone came out that I would wait patiently (or at least pretend to) for the second version. Today I can say that I am ready. I really did want full GPS capability and was not thrilled with the original EDGE only models. I think 3G will really bring the speed required to do the things the iPhone is made for. I would not have said this a few years back but the iPhone really is going to be the future of computing. Having information a communication so easily available in your pocket. This is how a phone should work, this is how a handheld computer should work. This thing is awesome and I can not wait until July.