Number 8

This post is now well out of date, I have been lazy and slow, mostly because I have been iPhoning.

Well I did it. I am now the owner of two white 16GB Apple 3G iPhones. It was a lot of work and an long build up waiting for the 3G model, holding out and not buying the original model. I would say it was worth it. I tried very hard to not covet the iPhones I saw or to even use a friends knowing that I would be drawn in. Now I have my own, and it is awesome. I have slight feelings of sadness for having to leave my current mobile provider, Sprint. Some will think I’m crazy, its just business. Sprint has been good to me, never caused me trouble, they took my money but I received great service. Not once in four years did I ever call or need to call customer service. I can only hope that AT&T can compete with Sprint on that level.

I was number 8 in line. I think that is a very respectable place in a line. To get to number 8 I had to get in line at 3:30 in the AM. Normally I do not do such things, I would rather sleep. Once you have kids you cherish things you once took for granted, like sleep. So I woke up early much to the demands of my comrade, Brad, who I would be spending the next few hours with waiting in line. I also would meet a friend of his from work and his wife, who I was using as my wife stand-in to purchase more than the mandated one phone per customer in line. I could not come home without two iPhones, unless I did not want to have one. waiting for iPhone

So we waited.

It turns out that the next guy to get in line behind us arrived at 5:30 which is when we originally planed to arrive ourselves, until I freaked out the night before and decided we needed to be there earlier. We still weren’t doing to bad, #6 had gotten to the AT&T store at 12:30 and #s 1-5 had camped out from 9:30 Thursday night, that is a little much, they did have their Macbook Pro to watch movies though with the help of a found power outlet.

This whole thing was going down at 8 so the line really started taking off at 7 it wasn’t long before it was definite that they were going to sell out. I knew I wasn’t going to settle for an 8GB model so I was glad we were in such a sure position. At 8 the doors opened and the first seven in line were allowed in to make their purchases. It wasn’t long before I was allowed to enter. Then the fun started. I won’t bore you with all the details, but buying two iPhones was a challenge as was starting a new family plan. Repeated attempts by AT&T employees to have me come back later to buy the second phone fell on deaf ears, I let them know that #8 was not leaving without two shiny white iPhones no matter what we had to do. After an hour and much work I did get my phones. A few weeks later when billing time came though I found I have 4 different AT&T accounts and bills, only 1 of which is the legitimate account so that will be some fun figuring out. Still all totally worth it. Are you rockin’ an iPhone?