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Ok, stop laughing. Now. I know that your first question was “Why would anyone own one Dell Latitude D630?” I suck. That is all I can come up with for an answer. The whole truth is that I work for a far from competent organization. First mistake was that a co-worker bought the first D630 when he bought himself one to replace our old D600s. Now to his credit I did need a laptop that would run Microsoft Windows XP and had a PC Card slot. This laptop is mostly for me to use for testing a communications suite that requires such things. For my everyday actual use laptop I use a super sweet Apple MacBook Pro. Anyway in a strange twist of fate I have gone from having nothing when I first started a few years ago to an over abundance. My first D600 was actually out of the trash at work. So now I have this new D630, exactly the same as the other, because it was my time to get a new laptop that comes with our computer services contract which I only utilize for email service and a network connection at the cost of something like $400 a month. I could not be in business for myself with decision makers like these working with me. So what to do with this new laptop. It turns out you really can only have so many computers before they just start to bury you. The patching alone could eat up most of your time.

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